Design UI/UX

At Digital Hanger we know how to design, completely re-design, incorporate, update, change, and improve

Limited only by
your imagination

Design redefined: express real you. Give us a hint of what your vision is, we will do the rest. We do not use templates. We treat each case individually, and work on it until it fits you to a T.

UI/UX wars

  • UX design - user experience design
  • UI design - user interface design

What forces will
shape your design?


The UI super ideal design

UI design is primarily concerned with HOW THE PRODUCT LOOKS.
This is the result of concept development, creativity, and inspiration.
Design is more than a drawing, image, or animation. It tells a story.


UX done right, finally

UX design is all about HOW THE PRODUCT FEELS. It requires a deep
understanding of users, and involves an extensive user research: what are their
needs, web behaviors, preferred interaction patterns, and design styles.
Eye-catching and functional UX design is aimed to enhance the user experience.


We create

  • Adaptive
  • Beautiful
  • Functional
  • Modern
  • Cutting edge
  • Design that helps you draw visitors in


Did you know…

  • Users take only 2.6 seconds to skim a website
  • 94% of a user’s first impression is linked to website design
  • 48% of users and buyers cited a website's design as the factor
    behind a company’s credibility
  • Colors increased web recognition by 80%
  • Users take only 1 second to like or dislike colors